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Session G

Concurrent Sessions on Sunday, June 26 from 9:00am to 10:30am
(All sessions in Davis Center, Jeffords, Terrill) 

Career Advising in ESS: Demystifying Green Job Counseling
Chair: Mark O'Gorman 

Defining Environmental Careers/Green Jobs in the Canadian Context
Michael Moss (Canadian Centre for Environmental Education, Royal Roads University)

Environmental Programming and Green Jobs;Oppotunities for Pending, Recent and Former Graduates
Michael Moss (Canadian Centre for Environmental Education, Royal Roads University)

The Role of Academic Advising in Career Counseling for ES Students
Kim Marsalla (Skidmore College)

Social Media Tools, the Internet, and Green Jobs
Keely Maxwell (Franklin and Marshall College)

Practicum and Green Jobs: A Student's First Step into Environmental Careers
Mark O’Gorman (Maryville College)

Perspectives on Invasive Species
Chair: Glenn Sandiford

Exploring the Sustainability of the Funding Network for Aquatic Invasive Species in the Lake Champlain Basin
Casey Binggeli, Curtis Buker, Timothy Warren, Curt Gervich (SUNY Plattsburgh)

Ethnoecology of Aquatic Invasive Species: Conflicting Perspectives on Watershed Management in Upstate New York
Michael C. Ennis-McMillan, Karen Kellogg, Molley Bergen, Leah Wohl Pollack (Skidmore College)

“A Dominant Consideration:” How Native Fishes Changed from Trash to Treasure
Anders Halverson

Two Centuries of Carp Rhetoric: Celebrities Aren't The Only Ones Getting Makeovers
Glenn Sandiford (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign)

When Science Speaks: Examining the Rhetoric of Invasive Species
John Epifanio (Illinois Natural History Survey)

Integrating community-based projects into GIS courses: Preparing students to work on interdisciplinary group projects
Chair: Eileen Johnson

Developing and Supporting GIS-Based Service-Learning Projects at Green Mountain College, Vermont
John Van Hoesen (Green Mountain College)

Using community based courses to build capacity for agricultural conservation planning
Eileen Johnson (Bowdoin College)

Community Based Learning and GIS a students' perspective
Leah Wang, Eileen Johnson (Bowdoin College)

The World of Environmental Policy-Making, part 2
Chair: Cassandra Hemphill

Toward Watershed-based Governance Along the Hudson River
Riobart Breen (Siena College)

Prospecting the Solar Frontier: Decarbonization, ‘Sputnik Moments,’ and the Political Ecology of the Green New Deal
Dustin Mulvaney (University of California, Berkeley)

Diffusion of Stewardship Contracting within the U.S. Forest Service: Results from the Pilot Case Study
Cassandra J. Hemphill (University of Montana)

“Here's What I Think”: The People's Voice in Strategic Environmental Assessments
Reeve Gutsell, James Gruber (Antioch University New England)

Environmental Justice: Ethics, Race, Rights, part 2
Chair: Kimberly Smith

Social Aspects of Energy Use in India: The Gap between the Haves and Have nots, Can it be closed through technological means?
Sudhakara Reddy (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research)

On the Design of Economic Policy for Implementing the Human Right to Water
Christopher Jeffords, Farhed Shah (University of Connecticut)

Urban Forests in Transition: Urban Environmental Planning, Green Infrastructure and Environmental Justice in Lancaster, Pennsylvania
Jessica Kelly (Millersville University)

ESS – Pedagogical Issues, part 3

Teaching Supradisciplinarily: Complexity Enhancement versus Disciplinary Integration
Will Focht (Oklahoma State University)

Connecting Environmental Science with Hands-on Business Applications in the Classroom
Vikki Rodgers (Babson College)

Improving Students’ Critical Thinking Skills in the Context of Environmental Ethics
Courtney Quinn, Mark Burbach, Gina Matkin, (University of Nebraska - Lincoln)

Reading the Urban Landscape: The Case of a Campus Tour at York University, Ontario, Canada
Adrina Bardekjian, Michael Classens, L. Anders Sandberg (York University)

Internet Resource for Global Protected Area Study and Research:
Peter Rogers (University of Buffalo)

Artists and Environmental Scientists: Opportunities for Skill-Sharing and Collaborations, part 4
Chair: Jennifer Joy Pawlitschek 

Art and the Environment: Transformation & Healing
Amanda Serrano

Human-Powered Art: Internalizing Awareness of External Systems
Maria Michails (TreiaStudios/Eyebeam Art + Technology Center)

Immersing the Arts: Funding Coastal and Marine Themed Artistic Endeavors at CT Sea Grant
Syma Ebbin (Connecticut Sea Grant/University of Connecticut)

Art and Science Collaborations in Addressing the New Needs of Natural Life Forms
Elizabeth Demaray (Rutgers University)

Urban Environmental Pedagogies: Bringing Theory to Practice, part 3
Chair: Patrick Hurley 

Engaging Urban Greening: The Role of Student-Led Oral History in Assessing the Success of Urban Tree Connection in the Haddington Neighborhood of West Philadelphia
Patrick Hurley (Ursinus College)

Reading the Urban Landscape: The Case of a Campus Tour at York University, Ontario, Canada
Adrina Bardekjian, Michael Classens, L. Anders Sandberg (York University)

Planning for Climate Change in the Public Realm - an Urban Environmental Planning Studio
Cameron Weimar (Catholic University of America)

A Case for Place-Based, Experiential Education in the Pedagogy: using the University of Oregon Urban Farm as a case study.
Harper Keeler (University of Oregon)

Locavorism as Urban Ecosocial Pedagogy: Exploring the Relations Between Food, Place, Class, Gender and Race
Chaone Mallory (Villanova University)

A Place for History in Environmental Studies, part 3
Chair: Eric Mogren

The Complexity-Energy Relationship
Philip Barnes (University of Delaware)

Allen Chamberlain, the Appalachian Mountain Club, and the Progressive Conservation Movement
Elizabeth Mills (University of Vermont)

Tradition, Innovation, and Organization: A Helpful History of New York City Waste Management
Thomas Harrington (Stevens Cooperative School), Hildegaard Link (City University of New York Graduate Center)